Dan Kiernan is an aquarius and a native of Long Island, New York.  Much to his parent's distress, he was an extremely loud and constantly screaming baby, however his mother now believes that this is where he first found his singing voice.  Dan first found his love for the stage at 8 years old appearing as a talking tree and his love for performing has continued to grow stronger and stronger.  He went on to do community theater, theater summer camps, and high school musicals.  Dan spent 2 summers at the USDAN Center for the Performing Arts and one in the city studying at the CAP21 Pre College Program at NYU.  In Dan's senior year, he studied at the Long Island High School for the Arts and after months of preparation and auditions, he was selected to attend the University of the Arts pursuing a BFA in Musical Theater. 

After 4 years of studying and performing in Philadelphia, Dan is making the move back to his home state but this time to Manhattan to begin the next chapter of his journey.

"...rising star Daniel Kiernan...."​
-Thom Cardwell

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