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Album Art Post Card (4x6)


Signed Album Art Post Card (4x6)


Album Art Mini Poster (8x10)


Signed Album Art Mini Poster (8x10)


DanKiernaMusic Rubber Bracelets


DanKiernanMusic T-Shirts


EMAIL all orders to info@dankiernan.com with

"Merch Order & Your Name"

in the Subject Line

Shipping & Handling: $5

In Person Delivery: Free

Payment Methods: PayPal & Venmo

In your order please include,

1. Requested Item & Quantity

2. In Person Delivery

or Shipping option

(Delivery available to NY area & LTL tour stops within 30 days)

3. If signed item, Standard Signature or Customized Message

4. Delivery Address/Location

A response with your total will be sent back and the order will be sent out within 7-10 day days.

ORDERS will be processed every Friday & sent out the following week!

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